Vive La France

Vive La France!

For many years France has been frustrated in her desire for a role in world leadership. Unable to compete with the United States in either military or economic power an embittered French elite became instead apologists for America’s Islamic detractors, With the election of Nicolas Sarkozy France has rejoined the western world. Indeed she has now demonstrated more backbone against the Muslim onslaught than Germany, the U.K. or any other Western European country. By taking the brave step of openly defying Islamic fascism France is restored not only to western world but to a position of moral leadership in it.

Needless to say there is once again hope among the Jews of France, indeed the Jews of all Europe. Having stared in disbelief as the horrors of the 1930’s threatened to repeat themselves; the Jews of Europe today breathe a collective sign of relief.

The French people have today shown the will to preserve their civilization. They have the power to do so and it is not too late. Muslims still make up only about 5% of the population of France. The fear stalking France, and other European countries, was that with through continued Arab colonization they would eventually become Arab. The future however is unpredictable and rarely proceeds in so linear a fashion as this French election results so clearly demonstrates.

This is more than a turning point in the history of France it is a turning point in the history of Europe and by extension of Western Civilization. The balance of power has now tipped away from Europe’s anti-American elites and apologists for Islamic fascism and towards the defenders of western democracy. A previously isolated British Prime Minister Tony Blair is now joined by German’s new Chancellor Angela Merkel and the equally new pro-American, pro-Israel President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. The three major Western European powers and the United States are are now all lead by capable leaders determined to defend Western Civilization, (or we might just say: civilization). Since only a determined and united Europe can resist Muslim colonization the European Union may turn out to be a bulwark of western civilization rather then the agent of its demise.

This shift in the balance of power is also significant from the American point of view. The U.K, France and Germany will now support, rather then obstruct,, U.S. efforts to sanctions Iran in the U.N. Security Council. In Iraq Western Europe may do little to help but it is safe to assume that it will at least refrain from criticzing the United State for drawing a line against Islamic fascism and standing its ground. All this will no doubt have a sobering effect on those, like Iranian President Ahmadinejad, plotting the overthrow of western civilization through a strategy of divide and rule.

Equally significant is the blow which the election of Nicolas Sarkozy deals to the views of their western apologists. American politicians on the left can no longer argue that the Untied States should abandon her war against opposition Islamic fascism and instead emulate Europe. Such a position becomes untenable now that all major Western European nations look to the United States as their economic and political model.

As an American and as a Jew I never, thought I would say this but: Vive La France! God bl
ess the brave citizens of France who have this day defied the wrath of the Muslim mob, defied Al-qaeda terror, defied their own supercilious elites, saved The Republic and restored the honor of France.

Devin Sper

Original Published Version

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