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by Devin Sper


I Jewish antiquity and rights in the Land of Israel

· The land belonged to the Arabs in the first place and was stolen by the Jews:
· Israelis are outside colonizers in the Land of Israel
· The Palestinians have lived in the Land of Israel for centuries.
· Israeli vs. Arab claims to Jerusalem.
· The Jews do not respect Moslem holy sites
· Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount was a provocation.
· There never was a Temple on the Temple Mount
· For the sake of peace we must share what is ours
· Arab terror is a reaction to Israeli occupation
· The settlements are Illegal
· The settlers are an obstacle to peace

II Israel’s case vs. Palestinian claims

· Israel is responsible for the plight of the Palestinian refugees.
· The PLO represents a genuine movement of national liberation.
· Arafat is our partner in peace
· Arab terror is a reaction to Israel occupation
· The Palestinians are building a nation
· Arafat is better positioned to protect Israelis from Palestinian terror than the IDF.
· The Palestinian problem lies at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
· The P.A. is a Democracy in the making.
· The process is unstoppable and a Palestinian State inevitable

III Israel’s case vs. Syrian claims

· Land for weapons
· Rewarding aggression:
· The strategic problem:
· The real problem:
· The state of the Syrian army:
· The state of the Syrian economy:
· The legal problem
· The moral problem
· “Territorial compromise”
· The nature of the Syrian Baath regime:
· The problem of Syrian succession

IV Myths of the Oslo Peace Process

· A solution to the Arab Israeli conflict will bring peace to the Middle East.
· Peace Now
· The “Peace Process” must continue
· Land for peace
· Land for peace involves only those territories Israel occupied in the Six Day War and not the territory of pre-1967 Israel:
· We must make peace with our enemies not our friends.
· Peace is in the interests of the Arab people too.
· Israel must take risks for peace.
· We can always go back to the current situation and will have the support of the whole world
· Israel’s leaders must know what they are doing.
· Israeli morale is unshakable.
· If Oslo is so obviously flawed why is it so universally accepted?
· Oslo leads to peace
· There is no alternative.

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