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Israeli neutrality on Ukraine is a Strategic Error - The moral argument for supporting Ukraine against Putin’s aggression is so obvious it needs no further explanation.  Yet Israel’s leadership has taken a position of studied neutrality in the current conflict and is supported in this by much of Israel’s political, military, and journalistic establishment. The reasoning is that Israel needs Russian acquiescence for her … Continue reading Israeli neutrality on Ukraine is a Strategic Error
American Jewish Tragedy - During the recent Operation Guardian of the Walls, some American Jews participated in Palestinian-sponsored demonstrations condemning Israel for defending her cities against Hamas’ unprovoked rocket attacks.  A subsequent poll found that 25% of American Jews consider Israel an apartheid state, 22% believe Israel is committing genocide, and 20% of those under 40 accept the blatantly … Continue reading American Jewish Tragedy
Blinken’s Absurd Criticism of Israel - On May 2, an American citizen of Palestinian origin drove by the Tapuach Junction in Israel, spraying it with gunfire.  A 19-year-old Yeshiva Student, Yehuda Guetta, was murdered and two of his classmates were wounded.  Following the murder, the Biden administration issued a strongly worded condemnation.  Incredibly the target of the State Department’s ire was not … Continue reading Blinken’s Absurd Criticism of Israel
Cancel Culture and The Salem Witch Hunts - In 1692, a group of hysterical teenage girls in Salem, Massachusetts, began denouncing girls from rival families as witches.  Accusations of witchcraft soon multiplied and spread throughout the town; some of the accused were as young as four years old.  Ultimately, 200 people were tried, and dozens executed, for fictious crimes.   No evidence was required … Continue reading Cancel Culture and The Salem Witch Hunts
Dismantling success: The Biden Administration’s Mid-East policy - The Golan Heights President Biden’s new secretary of State Anthony Blinken was recently asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if the Biden administration would honor President Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.  In response, Blinken questioned the legality of that sovereignty and indicated that revoking U.S. recognition was “over time, if the situation … Continue reading Dismantling success: The Biden Administration’s Mid-East policy
Why American-Israelis Prefer Trump - Lately there have been a slew of articles in the English language Israeli press by Democrat operatives claiming that it is not in the interest of American-Israelis to vote for President Trump  One such example is a recent Jerusalem Post opinion piece entitled “Trump’s record on Israel is not as people tend to think”.  This … Continue reading Why American-Israelis Prefer Trump
Why regime change is the only solution in Iran - Neither Behavior modification, withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region nor deterrence are viable options with Iran
An important moral victory for Israel and a demoralizing defeat for her enemies. - Every country, democracies included, bars entry to those who reject its authority and seek to undermine it. The United States does not allow entrance to supporters of Al Qaeda or ISIS, maintains a no-fly list of tens-of-thousands of such people, and a terrorist watch list containing 2.5 million additional names. That Tlaib and Omar are members … Continue reading An important moral victory for Israel and a demoralizing defeat for her enemies.
It is time Israel declared her borders - Recent violations of Israel’s border by an Iranian drone and mass protests by Hamas supporters in Gaza highlight a broader problem:  Israel has never actually declared her borders.  While the 1948 armistice line and 1967 cease fire lines became temporary de facto borders Israel never declared either as her official border, nor did any country … Continue reading It is time Israel declared her borders
Kerry Colludes with Abbas - Those seeking clear evidence of collusion between unelected U.S. citizens and foreign entities need look no further than former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent meeting in London with Hussein Agha a representative of Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority.  Alleging that he spoke for US intelligence and the establishment, Kerry disparaged the … Continue reading Kerry Colludes with Abbas
Trump changes the Dynamic of Middle East Diplomacy - The real significance of President Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem is hinted at near the beginning of his statement.  Paraphrasing Einstein Trump said: “It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result.”  Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel makes clear that U.S. … Continue reading Trump changes the Dynamic of Middle East Diplomacy
Lessons from Israel’s Border Wall - Since the day of her creation, Israel has been under siege by neighbors bent on her destruction.  As a result, she has perhaps more extensive experience with security barriers along her borders than any other country.  What can the United States learn from Israel’s experience as we consider building our own security wall? Israel actually … Continue reading Lessons from Israel’s Border Wall
Image Via Jerusalem Post Short-term thinking in Jerusalem - Last week I wrote an article praising “The Israeli cabinet’s brave and sober decision to keep metal detectors at the Temple Mount, despite riots and foreign pressure.”  Before I could publish it, the sad but predictable decision to remove them was announced.  This despite the advice of the responsible police and security authorities that metal … Continue reading Short-term thinking in Jerusalem
The non-existent wave of anti-Semitism - There is no wave of anti Semitism.  As it turns out two malcontents made threatening calls to Jewish institutions, neither of whom was motivated by anti Semitism.  Most, at least 1000, were robo-calls made by a disturbed American-Israeli teenager rejected by the Israeli Army.  Eight more copy cat calls were made by a discredited reporter, … Continue reading The non-existent wave of anti-Semitism
Ethnic cleansing Jews Because it is Ethnic Cleansing - Prime minister Netanyahu’s recent Facebook video, calling Palestinian demands for the expulsion of all Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria “ethnic cleansing” is neither outrageous, as U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon described it, nor a gimmick as some in the Israeli press have called it. Rather, it represents an important and long overdue resumption of Israel’s defense of her own moral position, an argument she abandoned four decades ago, blinded by a false peace process.
How Palestinians Stand Truth on Its Head - The continuous stream of slander that Palestinians and their BDS supporters aimed at Israel is based on something more devious than mere lies: their accusations are a reversal of truth.  The Palestinians routinely accuse Israel of doing precisely the terrible things they themselves are doing. ​Palestinians claim that Israel endangers holy sites, yet they themselves … Continue reading How Palestinians Stand Truth on Its Head
Which Side Should the United States and Israel Back in Syria? - Conflicting opinions are being expressed in the halls of power about which side the United States and Israel should support in the Syrian Civil War. The Syrian conflict involves dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of militias allied into three major groups. Russia is backing the Shiite alliance, consisting of the remains of Assad’s army and its … Continue reading Which Side Should the United States and Israel Back in Syria?
It is time Israel lessened her dependence on the United States - The disastrous Iranian nuclear agreement highlights the danger of Israel’s habitual reliance on the United States. The U.S. is no longer a superpower; the Obama administration explicitly rejects this role and will act only in consensus with “the world community.”   A future administration might be more favorable to Israel, and perhaps even discard the agreement, … Continue reading It is time Israel lessened her dependence on the United States
What matters is Iran’s intent - The fatal flaw in Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent agreement with Iran is that it focuses entirely on technical details, and not at all on the Islamic Republic’s intentions. This critical omission will cause the agreement to fail, just as so many similar treaties before it have failed. The most obvious example is the … Continue reading What matters is Iran’s intent
Is Turkey Behind ISIS - Isis is surrounded by a series of mysteries without apparent explanation. What enabled Isis to conquer a large part of Syria and Iraq with such stunning rapidity? How does a collection of untrained fanatics rapidly integrate sophisticated U.S. weapons systems captured during this conquest, and command far-flung battlefronts? Where does the Islamic State, bordered by … Continue reading Is Turkey Behind ISIS
The Democrats’ Betrayal of Israel - Israel is under an immediate, existential threat as Iran develops its nuclear weapons program. The choice between good and evil has never been so clear or the peril to the Jewish State so grave.  The question is now starkly drawn: do Democrats, who view themselves as supporters of Israel, place her survival above party considerations? … Continue reading The Democrats’ Betrayal of Israel
The Problem is Palestine - Many years ago as a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I sat with a group of Arab friends discussing politics over lunch. When I posed the question “How do you define a Palestinian?” they began arguing among themselves. They could offer no common answer other than the idea that a Palestinian opposes Israel.
How We Reward and Perpetuate Terror - After five decades of excusing and rewarding Palestinian terror the world sees terror metastasize into a global epidemic. Yet millions who condemn the recent Jihadist terror attack on Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris fail to understand that Al-Qaida, IS (Islamic State) and other radical Muslim organizations have simply adopted the tactics that worked so well … Continue reading How We Reward and Perpetuate Terror
Give the Israeli People the Right to Defend Themselves - The promise of Zionism is that with a state of their own Jews would no longer be helpless victims without the means of defending themselves. Yet 66 years after the establishment of Israel, Jews are being stabbed, run over, stoned, and blown up in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Galilee, while their government repeatedly fails to protect … Continue reading Give the Israeli People the Right to Defend Themselves
Better an Israeli than a Yazidi - The blatant hypocrisy of the current criticism of Israel is hard for Israel’s supporters to accept, but there is another way of looking at it. Our frustrations stem from our own delusion that the world is a fair place. This, of course, has never been the case, nor will it ever be the case. Anyone … Continue reading Better an Israeli than a Yazidi
The Mask is Off - Having failed to annihilate Israel in far more vulnerable borders in 1948, 1956 and 1967, her enemies realized that they had no hope of defeating Israel in her now much stronger strategic position. They therefore adopted a strategy of negotiating, threatening and cajoling Israel back to the untenable 1948 borders in which they might again … Continue reading The Mask is Off
PALESTINE Palestinian Society is Complicit in Palestinian Terror - Throughout the current conflict, as in previous ones, conventional wisdom has held that the people of Gaza are innocent victims, trapped between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization.   This view is articulated by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.  This is the view of the media, including media favorable … Continue reading Palestinian Society is Complicit in Palestinian Terror
Genocide Genocide Genocide! - The recent decision by the American Studies Association to boycott Israel makes it the latest in a growing list of academic and other groups buying into the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) movement.  Like most such organizations the ASA imagines it is taking a moral stand and is almost certainly unaware of the ultimate … Continue reading Genocide Genocide Genocide!
​The Nazi roots of Palestinian Nationalism - During a debate at Arizona State University against anti-Israel Israelis of the far left I told the story of Haj Amin al-Husseini, founder of the Palestinian national movement and protégé of Adolf Hitler.  Seeing heads shake in disbelief I challenged those who doubted these facts to “google it”.  I recommend the same to any reader … Continue reading ​The Nazi roots of Palestinian Nationalism
Is Israeli housing endangering the peace process? - Once again Israel is being blamed in advance for the inevitable failure of another round of Middle East diplomacy. It is incumbent on all of us concerned with Israel’s image in the world that we not leave such accusations unchallenged. The latest criticism comes from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Speaking at a press … Continue reading Is Israeli housing endangering the peace process?
Vive La France Vive La France! - For many years France has been frustrated in her desire for a role in world leadership. Unable to compete with the United States in either military or economic power an embittered French elite became instead apologists for America’s Islamic detractors, With the election of Nicolas Sarkozy France has rejoined the western world. Indeed she has … Continue reading Vive La France!
Do The Jews Want a State? - At first glance the question appears ludicrous. After all the Jewish people have a state, and have made great sacrifices to establish it. Israelis continue to sacrifice themselves in its defense, and pay the highest income tax in support of the highest per capita military expenditures in the world. Jews in the Diaspora volunteer their … Continue reading Do The Jews Want a State?
We Have Sinned - Virtually everyone in Israel today understands that the hatred of Israel’s enemies has nothing to do with the location of her borders.  Unfortunately, those who formally advocated land-for-peace have not suddenly seen reason; they have merely replaced their former delusion with a new one.  The real problem, they now inform us, is not the size … Continue reading We Have Sinned