In 1948, Zionism achieved its goal with the recreation of a Jewish State. However, Israel’s leadership had, and still has, no real vision for the state’s future. Israel’s constant struggle for survival has obscured the pressing need for such a vision.

Beginning in the early 1990s the Israeli elite, having no vision of its own for Israel’s future, adopted that of her enemies. They deluded themselves into believing that Israel’s struggle for survival was over and became obsessed with a false peace “process.” Since its collapse, Israel has been a country adrift, her leadership reeling from crisis to crisis with no apparent plan. Yet, even had peace actually been achieved, Israel would still be facing the same questions she faces today and has faced from her creation: Where do the Jewish People wish to take their state from here. What ultimately is Israel’s purpose? Even true peace cannot be Israel’s vision for her future. If the goal had been simply to achieve peace in and of itself, there would have been no need to create the Jewish state in the first place. The first step in achieving a vision for the future of Israel is to define one, something Israel has until now failed to do.

This book offers Israel and the Jewish people a vision for their future. This vision differs from any now contemplated, yet its roots lie deep within Judaism. This vision is attainable but will require nothing less than a complete reinterpretation of Jewish history and a revolution in traditional Jewish theology. The task is great and will take generations to fully realize, but we must not shrink from it. The alternative is a return to Jewish powerlessness and suffering, at best, at worst, the end of Jewish history.

There is a hauntingly beautiful melody sung in synagogues every Sabbath accompanied by equally moving words in which the congregation in a slowly rising tone pleads with God to “renew the life of our people as in former days.” No Jew who hears it remains unmoved. The tremendous emotional power of this prayer comes from its genuine heartfelt expression of the disillusionment and the hope of a great people oppressed for almost two millennia. No nation has a monopoly on human suffering, but neither has any suffered more, over as long a period of time, as have the Jews…”

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