Kerry Colludes with Abbas

Those seeking clear evidence of collusion between unelected U.S. citizens and foreign entities need look no further than former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent meeting in London with Hussein Agha a representative of Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority.  Alleging that he spoke for US intelligence and the establishment, Kerry disparaged the Trump administration and encouraged the Palestinian Authority not to cooperate with it.  Kerry went so far as to urge the PA to attack Trump personally, indicating that they would be rewarded for doing so once Kerry becomes president, which might happen within a year if the establishment can expel President Trump from office through impeachment.

Kerry’s behavior is in line with the stated policy of many congressional Democrats to “resist” the Trump administration.  While such resistance to the elected government of the United States may be divisive, it is not illegal when pursued through the democratic system.  But a private citizen colluding with a foreign entity to undermine U.S. government policy is another matter entirely and a clear violation of the Logan act.  Worse still, the Palestinian authority is not merely a foreign entity; it is the sanitized face of the PLO terrorist organization, responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent civilians, including numerous U.S. citizens.

Kerry’s collusion with Abbas is part of a disturbing trend in which unelected or out-of- office Obama administration bureaucrats seek to sabotage the Trump administration.  Convinced they know best, these bureaucrats seek to undermine the American people’s elected representatives.

Such arrogance is not surprising coming from John Kerry.  Throughout his negotiations over the nuclear deal with Iran, Kerry remained deaf to criticism of its flaws by the Israeli government and unconcerned with the lack of public support for the deal in the United States. When Congress invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to explain his objections to what he considers an existential threat to his country, Kerry, the Obama administration, and their supporters in Congress boycotted Netanyahu’s speech.  This was unprecedented, and stood in stark contrast to the deference with which Kerry treated the representatives of Iran’s tyrannical theocracy throughout the negotiations.

Articles Kerry and Iranian

As Secretary of State, Kerry lectured the Israeli Prime Minister on other subjects as well, as if he knew better than Prime Minister Netanyahu what was in the best interests of his own country.  Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, stated that Kerry “has a particularly acrimonious and sometimes obsessive place for us [Israel], and for the prime minister.” Agha, characterized Kerry as “crazy about things,” during their recent meeting.

Articles Kerry and Netanyahu

Kerry’s collusion with the Palestinian Authority was reported in an article by a major Israeli newspaper, Maariv, in which Agha confirmed that the meeting took place. Muller’s investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russian President Vladimir Putin was initiated on far less evidence than Kerry’s open scheming with the Palestinian Authority.  In fact, Kerry initiated the collusion, something nobody has accused the Trump administration of doing with Russia. Nor has Kerry denied the report, although his spokesman later claimed it contained “inaccuracies.”  Perhaps Congress could subpoena Kerry to learn exactly which parts of the report were accurate and which were not.  In this way, we might learn about real collusion with a foreign entity against the government of the United States.

Devin Sper

Original published version

Images via Israel National News, Mondo Weiss, and The Nation


2 thoughts on “Kerry Colludes with Abbas”

  1. The American people must stand behind their elected president and recognize the only democratic state in the region. We should as a people be proud of a president whose ideals have shown to be true 🇮🇱 to Israel. We should not tolerate the actions of any individual who does not stand with President Trump who has been elected via the democratic process to govern the US.

    The Jewish people have long fought for their existence and have created a Jewish State where any Jew can call home.

    Each Jew in the United States should be proud of our president and condemn the actions of any opposers.


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